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Had a weird dream involving Dir En Grey and MUCC…as well as me ending up stalking Kyo and Tatsu while Daisuke ended up being my best friend……..aaaahhh what a dream <3


Yoshiki and Toshi hug ^ ^

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finished with drawing/painting Tatsurou from MUCC <3

waiting for it to dry while staring at my bedroom’s floor that’s completely covered in paint and wondering how the fuck do I clean that…


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Always in our heart. Miss you, pink spider.

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Three pictures of The Killing Red Addiction: Taiji Sawada (bass, ex.X-Japan, Loudness), Tatsu (guitar, ex.Gastunk), Kenzi (drums, the Dead Pop Stars, Antifeminism) and Dynamite Tommy (vocals, ex.Color). I never understood why they decided to perform their debut in Los Angeles, but it surely was a unique opportunity for the western fans that were lucky enough to attend the gig! *being absolutely jealous* >.<



Voice of faith, I’m starting to realize
Now my eyes can see
I have gone so far
I’m feeling breath of life

Voiceless Screaming
Calling to me inside of my heart
Knockin’ on my soul’s door
I believe in myself and trust what I do

Voiceless Screaming
Pain of the past still hurts me inside
Knockin’ on my soul’s door
I climb the stairs that lead me to Heaven

— Voiceless Screaming [Taiji Sawada]