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We can save people with music.
Hide (X-Japan)

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Posted: 1 day ago

Finally,the 1st chapter has been released on my second tumblr blog called the nordicwriter and you can read it here—->  nordicwriter

People who’ll read,please let me know what you think of it…2nd chapter’s on it’s way :)

here’s the new fan fiction,if anyone’s into Pearl Jam :)


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Writing a new fan fiction :)


I am moving tomorrow. On my own. For the 1st time in 19 years.

And all I keep doing all day is lusting (but properly,like a beast) after this creature over here!!! >.<

just…how the hell did it come to this Tatsu,how??!! and when the hell did it happen?? >.<

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"…I got roaches all over me, but the ones with some strong spirit still fly away from me, you know. Then, everybody’s looking at me. Everybody’s looking, but everybody’s running away. Then, the bugs are like "bzzzzzzzz"… like I’m transmitting them. *laugh*
But the only one good thing about it was that I couldn’t see them myself because they were on my body. I was standing like this (as if standing at attention) trying not to look at my body cause I knew I was gonna pass out if I see them. ” - (c) hide, Rocket Punch, 1998