My name is Tayuka...and Hideto Matsumoto is pretty much all I am interested in,because he's the only man I am capable of trully loving. Needless to say, X Japan <3333 I also draw a lot and write fan fiction :)
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First, the presenter(Sanma Akashiya) greets them with Happy New Year and they drink.

He asks, “You spent six months abroad and six months in Japan?

Yoshiki says, “Well, This year I haven’t spent a single month in Japan.”

Huh? All this time you were abroad?



Hide with his blond hair, he`s so handsome

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 I had a dream.
I was in Kyoto and traveled from there to Miura Reien … is
simple.. usually
take the Shinkansen to Yokohama and there transferring to a local train

I went there on a chairlift about 460 km ….and
transfer from one to the other chairlifts about 7 times
It was crazy, but the view on the Japan was amazing……but im not sure if it was a Japan…..

It was a bit of a nightmare…..but just smell or sometning inside.these days I do not know whether it is better to insomnia or sleep. maybe too much listening Dir en Grey
Maybe it’s just approached the worst day of the year.


duel of the day:brave Hideto versus lethal rubber dinosaurs

for Rivill as I had promised her

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