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This is a short story I wrote a few years ago,I found it today when going through some old files on my PC. Wish there were more X Japan and hide fan fictions on the internet…
it’s an interactive fiction,so all you have to do is insert your name on the blank parts where he refers to the OC and enjoy :)

Here’s the link if anyone wants to read it…



hide BIBLE - Pata’s Interview Excerpt
[this made me cry when I first read it ;_;]

'As for someone that I can call 'companion' there is only hide.'

Interviewer: As we talk, a lot of reminiscent talk started coming out huh?

Pata: Because we had been together for a long time, all the stories are jumbled up in my head.

Interviewer: It’s because you spent so much time together right?

Pata: In total, there’s no mistake that half of my band life had been spent together with hide.  Because the degree of closeness that was developed between us in the time that we spent together, I feel as if I had known him even longer.

Interviewer: and just the time that you spent in of itself was long right? It was long wasn’t it?

Pata: Among the members of X, I think hide was the one person above everyone else that I spent the most time with.  Even among other musicians, there is probably no one else besides hide.

Interviewer: For you Pata, what did hide mean to you as a person?

Pata: This is so difficult.. because we were together all this time, he was my companion, my partner right.  Although I’ve played with many other guitarists, hide is the only one I could call my partner.  I also have a two person band [P.A.F maybe?], but there is no one other than that person that I would call my partner.

Interviewer: Is there anything you want to convey to hide?

Pata: Even though you were only one year older than me, you surpassed me nine times over didn’t you?  For the time being, please sleep well.  I will do as much as possible, to make sure nothing disturbs your sleep.



Bitch please.



“C’mon, swallow your tears!”
hide, Misery (via domorrigana)



Interviewer: Please tell us when you were first awakened to rock.

HIDE: It was during my first year of middle school that a friend had bought Kiss’s ‘Alive!! II’ album. It had the status of Western Music sound, and the members were interesting to look at. I thought to myself “This is it!”…


Hide, in front of Laforet, Harajuku - 15th of September 1996.


blue haired hide-chan ^_^

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