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Hide from X Japan with Hisashi Imai and Hidehiko Hoshino from Buck-Tick

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We can save people with music.
Hide (X-Japan)

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Finally,the 1st chapter has been released on my second tumblr blog called the nordicwriter and you can read it here—->  nordicwriter

People who’ll read,please let me know what you think of it…2nd chapter’s on it’s way :)

here’s the new fan fiction,if anyone’s into Pearl Jam :)


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Writing a new fan fiction :)


I am moving tomorrow. On my own. For the 1st time in 19 years.

And all I keep doing all day is lusting (but properly,like a beast) after this creature over here!!! >.<

just…how the hell did it come to this Tatsu,how??!! and when the hell did it happen?? >.<